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10 Things I’ll Do Better Next Time…

I’m procrastinating indoor chores I should be accomplishing, so I thought I’d share some wisdom I’ve picked up through my (mis)adventures in July and August: 1. Plant Peas Earlier I planted my peas in the end of June, when I finally found the time to hand till the earth in the pea row (see #2).  I … Continue reading

Weeding Therapy

The last couple weeks we’ve seen a great deal of rain, so instead of the dry crumbly dust I now have VERY wet soil in and around my garden. I’m happy that I decided to create somewhat raised beds so my tender little seedlings didn’t drown in the onslaught. Another side effect of the rain … Continue reading

Hot Potato

I really hate summer.  Well,  there are many summery things I enjoy like barbecues, swimming and ice cream trucks, but I really hate feeling too hot.  Walking the 10 feet between my office building and my car it should not be hot enough for sweat to start creeping down my back.  Seriously – I moved to Vermont, … Continue reading

Baby Steps

Well, I didn’t get as much planting done this weekend as I was hoping to – only got the peas and snap peas in – but at least my garden got a little rain and we got a really nice walk in. We went to Ricker Pond State Park to walk on the Montpelier-Wells Rail … Continue reading