Selected Portfolio

Becket is always on the lookout for opportunities to write, particularly when they are paired with a chance to meet new people in the field. She enjoys writing content for sites and blogs, writing reviews, writing about tech from a user perspective and working with small businesses on improving their web presence. To learn more about Becket’s writing background and experience, and to view links to her most recent tech writing publications, visit her LinkedIn profile.

Links to Becket’s Work (some published under the name Becky Raymond)

12 Most Pressing Concerns when Donating to Nonprofits
Article published on

Confession and Sacrifice
Short Fiction published in Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure

Gaia Wars
Book Review published in eFiction Magazine also available here

Articles Published on Women of Google+
Komen vs. Planned Parenthood
A Torrent of Story: Meet David Grigg
Gross National Happiness
Anti-Resolution Revolution Part 1 and Part 2
Meet the Writer: Jane Friedman
Interview with Emlyn Chand


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