A Teensy Political Rant

I tend to vote for Democrats. Usually, I’d rather vote for Independent candidates, but I often lean Democrat depending on who is in office, who they’re running against and how afraid I am the uber-conservative folk might get elected. My reasons are many and varied, but tend to surround the following premises:

  1. I’m queer – if you want to get in my face about my relationships or try to tell me I’m less than someone else, you don’t belong in office.
  2. I’m pro-environment – not anti-business, but pro making good, healthy decisions to ensure we actually have a world to leave to our children.
  3. I’m pro-children and families – this means I think more attention should be paid to creating and sustaining meaningful domestic programs. Not to exclude the importance of global awareness, but more of our national budget should be concentrated here rather than dumping trillions in the defense budget for questionable reasons.

There are several people I’ve encountered online that fall into the uber-conservative camp in a way I can’t entirely wrap my mind around. Considering yourself conservative is completely fine – when you’ve done the research and decided this philosophy best matches your own –  I don’t intend to get in your constitutionally protected way even if I disagree with you. That said, there are an enormous number of disturbingly misinformed folk who appear ready to tow the company line without actually knowing what manure they are being asked to shovel. For example, how exactly does cutting the measly half a million from PBS make any sort of a dent in a multi-trillion dollar deficit? I’m hearing the line “every little bit helps,” but this particular little bit equates to 6 hours of defense spending. 6 HOURS! Perhaps our logic is a teensy bit skewed?

I also love THIS comic from the Los Angeles Times.

To be clear, I’m not particularly happy with the other side either – Obama hasn’t delivered on many of his campaign promises and I’m waiting to see what will happen with several others. The difference is, I’m reasonable enough to understand that one person in a role as President is not the person making all the decisions – (s)he’s just the one who either gets the credit or the blame for what happens in our country. I might argue the fault lies with the members of congress who stood in the way of some of the progressive moves Obama has tried to make during his first term, and now they’re placing blame where it doesn’t belong.

Really, I say let’s stop playing the blame game altogether and get working on our country. Let’s encourage small business, promote jobs and create a real plan for education. Why are we so far behind other “Westernized” countries? We’re not supporting our teachers, we’re not improving our education system and we’re not preparing children to become adults. Let’s get our heads back in the game and get back to the business of aspiring toward the democracy our founding fathers envisioned.


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