Guest Post: Sally Stephenson

Image courtesy of Sally Stephenson

The enchanting Sally Stephenson is a guest today on my blog. You can find out more about her new novel Wildflowers and find out more about her writing journey by clicking here.

How to network beyond Twitter

Since stepping into the world of indie publishing I’ve realized there’s a bevy of communities out there for writers to get into, from local community projects to a more extensive online community. Before publishing Wildflowers I did some research on the indie industry and knew I would have to market my socks off if I wanted the book to have any form of success and the main site that kept getting mentioned was Twitter. Now I had a personal twitter account mainly to follow celebrities and friends. I had never considered it really for business. I created a public account and soon acquired around 700 followers but there was no interaction – it seemed mainly like a bunch of spammers all spamming each other and I’m not a fan of it. The meat or the virtual kind. So I closed that Twitter account and created another twitter account (@WriterSally) and am now building up a better network of writers who interact with each other and actually support each other and it’s been a good process the second time round.

Then I learned of the sites outside of Twitter. Facebook groups where you can meet other writers and have conversations beyond 140 characters and I’m now delving into Goodreads – a whole site dedicated to book lovers! I would also recommend Fictionaut, a place where writers share short stories or snippets and get to read other work. (The first piece I posted there was acquired by a literary magazine and is to be published in December!)

So while Twitter is a great tool for marketing, it doesn’t need to stop there. Forums, Facebook, Goodreads, Fictionaut, and so much more. Also, networking is more than just finding customers for your book, it’s about building up relationships, meeting new writing friends and growing as a writer and a reader. Isn’t that better in the long run than writing something that sounds something along the lines of ‘You can now buy my book / Please follow me / Worship me’ and so on….!


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