A Walk in the Park

This September I will walk with my family in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk which follows the famous 26.2 mile Boston Marathon route. I’ve participated in the walk in years past but have never raised as much money for the Jimmy Fund as I would like.

This year will be different.

Listed below, you will find the rewards available for everyone who donates to my walk, including some very exciting prizes for higher donation levels.  Not able to make a large donation? That’s okay too! For everyone who donates to my walk, you can earn additional rewards by posting / tweeting to encourage others to donate. See more details below!

All Donors – listing of your name on my website along with optional link to your personal / professional website

$25 Donation – Reward listed above and personal photo thank you card

$50 Donation – Rewards listed above and your name prominently displayed on my Jimmy Fund Walk shirt

$75 Donation – Rewards listed above and a copy of my e-book “Steps Toward Happiness: 100 Ways to add Creativity to your Life” due out in Fall, 2012 (will also be available as a PDF for those without e-readers)

$100 Donation – Rewards listed above and the opportunity to name a character in my debut young adult fiction novel due out in 2013 along with recognition in the acknowledgements

Social Media Rewards – For donors of all levels who post on Facebook, Google + and / or Twitter encouraging others to donate, you can earn more rewards. Guidelines below:

  • Each post / tweet on the three social networks listed above will earn you $5 virtual dollars to add to your personal donation amount, enabling you to win rewards at higher donation levels
  • To be eligible, you must have made a monetary donation to my walk, your post / tweet must encourage others to donate to my walk, it must include the link to my donation page (see below), and it must include the hashtag #BeckyWalks
  • Please be kind to your followers and don’t spam them with multiple posts in a short time span, but spread your posts out over the course of the next few weeks

ADDED BONUS: If we hit $2,000 by August 8th, I’ll do something a little crazy. Never in my life have I dyed my hair but I’ll take the plunge and turn it some crazy color if we can get to the goal…

To Donate: www.jimmyfundwalk.org/2012/beckyraymond


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