6 Things I Love Now that I’m a Grown Up

Let’s be honest – as kids it’s easy to think of all the fun and fabulous things we will do as adults. We’ll eat cake for breakfast, play video games all night long, buy all the candy we want and watch 24 hour marathons of our favorite cartoons. On the brink of turning 33 next month, I find myself exorbitantly pleased by things my 8 year old self would have found ridiculous if not downright horrifying.

1. Buying New Underwear

Yesterday afternoon I pulled up the GAP website and ordered several pairs of new underwear – and was so delighted by my purchase that I immediately went to Google + to post about my excitement. Enthusiasm for new, boring, cotton underwear is certainly a sign of the impending doom of adult-ism.

Image courtesy of Microsoft Clip Art

2. Listening to NPR

While I may not enjoy every show, NPR is often my “go to” if I don’t feel like listening to books or my iPod in the car. Informative, engaging dialogue, news stories about things I care about, great Classical music. I can see my elementary-aged self cringing in the backseat the whole time.

3. Eating Fresh Vegetables

Ideally, I like to eat veggies pulled straight from my own garden or from the garden / farm of someone I know. One of the benefits of living in Vermont is I typically know exactly where my vegetables are coming from. As a kid it was a stretch to get me to eat my veggies at all, forget actually look forward to them.

4. Not Cooking Dinner

Growing up there is an expectation that somebody else will make dinner. You are hungry around dinner time and some sort of lovely food magically awaits you. Post-College, I finally started to appreciate how much of a pain it is to have food ready every night for dinner. Any time someone else wants to make me dinner now, I’m beyond delighted.

5. Shmoozing

As a kid, chit chatting with strangers and near strangers would have sounded like a terrible way to spend my day. My work in non-profit management involves a fair amount of shmoozing. Who would have guessed my work life would be filled with lunches with potential networking partners, donor development, meet and greets and general networking…and that I’d actually enjoy it?

6. Doing Nothing

I remember “I’m bored” as a refrain from childhood. Now? The days when I can breathe and there isn’t a fully packed schedule are few and far between. Sitting on the couch and doing “nothing” is beyond blissful.


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