Review: Finding My Escape

Finding My Escape

Image courtesy of Fran Veal

Author: Fran Veal
First Published: 2011
Publisher: Smashwords
ISBN: 0011464119

Hannah has just survived a most harrowing experience – walking in to witness the death of her parents at the hand of an intruder. Waking in the hospital, she finds that only parts of her memory of the horrific incident remain intact. Moving out of state to live with her Aunt, Hannah is relieved when her very best friend gets permission to live with them to support her through their final year of high school. With his support, she begins to piece together what has happened, only to find that what appeared to be a home invasion may be something worse – and the man who killed her parents may be after her next.

Veal’s Finding My Escape is an example of the supremely high quality young adult fiction available from self-published authors today. When I finished the book, I was still so intrigued I wanted to turn back to the first page and start reading again. There are many different twists in the novel and even when I was sure I knew what was coming, it turned out I was wrong. Veal created very likeable characters and pieced together their story in a way that keeps the reader engaged and wishing for more. Early in the novel there are a few intuitive leaps that could benefit from some editing and toward the end of the novel I wish she had chosen to draw out the suspense before resolving the tension, but overall Finding My Escape is dynamite and I can’t wait to read more.


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