Review: The Demon’s Apprentice

The Demon's Apprentice (Chance Fortunato Book 1)

Image courtesy of Ben Reeder

Author: Ben Reeder
First Published: 2011
Series: Chance Fortunato Book 1

Chance Fortunato has suffered a terrible childhood. Sold by his father into the service of a demon at the age of seven, he spent 8 long years trying to figure out how to regain his freedom. When he finally breaks free and goes to live with his mother and newfound little sister, a life he thought impossible has finally come into view. Unfortunately, escaping the clutches of the demon doesn’t mean he has broken completely away from the unseemly underworld.

When a new friend and teacher is murdered, Chance must use his hard-won apprentice skills to track the supernatural murderer. Suspected by everyone, both normal and paranormal, Chance soon realizes he must rely on allies in this fight. Will Chance be able to overcome the obstacles falling in his path or is he destined to sink back into the paranormal underworld? Is this a fight he has any chance of winning?

Reeder’s The Demon’s Apprentice is a fast-paced paranormal adventure woven expertly with threads of teen romance and self-discovery. When writing paranormal fiction, some authors struggle to create accessible characters that readers can really identify with. Reeder manages this with expertise.

There were places in the novel that I found myself a bit perplexed by the terminology or the assumption that the reader was coming into the novel with a certain level of prior knowledge. I think the story could benefit from some outside readers helping to identify the sections of the novel which could use more exposition and development.

Reeder’s protagonist is the epitome of the bad boy who wants to be good. Rather than seeming trite and overdone, The Demon’s Apprentice offers the reader a character we can all grow to love.


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