David Grigg’s A Torrent of Story

A Torrent of Story

Image courtesy of David Grigg

In November of 2011, I hosted an experimental project on Google + called the Flash Fiction Project. I challenged authors to write a piece of flash fiction based on an inspirational image. While most (myself included) wrote for multiple images, only one author wrote for every single image posted in November. David Grigg is co-owner of Rightword Enterprises in Melbourne, Australia and offers writing, editing, proof-reading and digital publishing services. To my surprise and great delight, he credits the Flash Fiction Project with helping him restart his fiction writing career. With roughly twenty years elapsing since his last foray into fiction, he expressed his excitement at getting pen back to paper (or fingers to  iPad, as the case may be) and putting his writing back out there. Not only did he write more than 30,000 words of fiction in November, he created an e-book highlighting both his work and his creative process. To learn more about this charismatic and truly nice fellow, click on the links below 🙂

Check out my interview with David Grigg posted on Women of Google+

Visit David’s website or blog

Join the Flash Fiction Project or visit our blog

Most importantly, check out David’s book!


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