Review: Blood Warrior

Blood Warrior (The Alexa Montgomery Saga #1)

Image courtesy of H.D. Gordon

Author: H.D. Gordon
First Published: 2011
Series: The Alexa Montgomery Saga #1

Seventeen-year-old Alexa has a troubled relationship with her mother, but they have always agreed on the most important thing – Alexa must always keep her sister safe. When creatures attack their family, Alexa is forced to leave her mother behind while escaping with her sister, and finds that she has an innate ability to battle these monsters. Escaping with her sister and her best friend, Jackson, Alexa is tossed into a world where vampires and werewolves are everyday occurences and discovers that she herself is one of a race of supernatural beings.

Growing acclimated to a world full of gladiator-style combat and opulent surroundings, Alexa has her hands full of admirers for the first time in her life. Simultaneously, she finds the burning anger inside herself is growing more difficult to quench. Lost in thoughts about the mysterious Kayden, a misadventure in the woods helps open her eyes to the world around her. Why is there so much opulence? Where are the old, the infirm and the mixed races? What secrets are hidden behind the perfect facade? Most importantly, who here can she really trust?

Gordon’s Blood Warrior is a thrilling romp through the supernatural where nobody is quite what they seem. In a young adult market brimming with supernatural tales featuring vampires and werewolves, Gordon offers a unique take on the genre and provides a depth to her characters and her world-building that is truly welcome.

When Alexa first starts to learn the truth about her family, the facts are dropped as a bit of a bombshell, which fell a little flat for me – I wanted more preparation before we are asked to swallow the supernatural identities. Also, the love triangle is a little trite, particularly when you consider pretty girl / vampire / werewolf has definitely been done, but Gordon does take things in an unpredictable direction. I like that she left so many questions unanswered at the end of the story without leaving the reader feeling too much was left unsaid.

This novel was a page turner and any lover of the YA paranormal will want to add Blood Warrior to her bookshelf.


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