Review: A Demon Made Me Do It

A Demon Made Me Do It

Image courtesy of Penelope King

Author: Penelope King
First Published: 2011
Publisher: Ascendence Press
Series: Demonblood #1, Demonblood Series
ISBN: 0615490034 (ISBN13: 9780615490038)

Liora Greyson wishes she had the life of an ordinary teenager. Her days seem much the same as those of her classmates – feeling bored with schoolwork, attempting to avoid notice in school hallways, and crushing on a super cute boy she just met. When darkness falls, however, Liora is relegating to the back of her mind and Lucky the demon takes over. Technically, she is a demion – part demon and part human – but following a violent childhood incident, she was split into two separate beings caught in one body. The adorable Kieron, however, is also more than he seems. Is he actually interested in Liora or is it Lucky he wants? Most importantly for Liora, can anyone truly love her when she is trapped in her head with a demon?

I’ll admit that at first I expected another predictable paranormal romance – shy girl comes into her own and gets the desirable boy – but was pleasantly surprised at the turns that King decided to take with her novel. I enjoyed the alternating points of view between Liora and Lucky. In addition to giving more detail about her (their?) life, this also gave the reader a chance to see the positive qualities in both characters.

In A Demon Made Me Do It, King takes an exciting spin on the demons vs angels theme, portraying demons as the “good guys” striving for justice and only destroying those who deserve it. It would be easy at first glance to see Liora as the good side and Lucky as bad, but the reader grows to love both characters and want them both to succeed. King also weaves a complex fabric of love interests, providing multiple characters and possibilities and leaving the reader wondering just who really does belong together. I also found it appealing that King dove directly into the action of the story while filling in the backstory throughout the novel, situating the reader in the action while keeping the reader fully engaged.

Overall, A Demon Made Me Do It is a fast read, mostly because you can’t wait to find out what will happen next. I’m very excited to see what more this author has to offer.


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