Holy Online Publications, Batman!

This week I have published an article, an interview and a piece of short fiction on three different websites, all appearing online within 24 hours!  Though I’ve been working on these pieces over a series of weeks, the editors of the websites ended up publishing them all around the same time.   You may start seeing more of my work on Women of Google + as I am currently one of the guest contributors and hopefully will soon be one of the content editors.  Below is a taste of each of the pieces and links to go read more!

Aggregate LogoThe 12 Most Vital Considerations when Donating to Nonprofits

Even though they changed my title and replaced the word “vital” with the word “pressing,” they kept the rest of my text the same way I wrote it.  In this piece, I discuss 12 key considerations that I think individuals should think about or examine before deciding on a nonprofit they want to support.  The 12 Most website is very cool – they post lists of the 12 Most of all kinds of wacky things from the 12 Most Cheerful Acts to Spread Good Will at Work to the 12 Most Overlooked Costs of College, so you’re bound to find something on the site that strikes your fancy.

Interview with Emlyn ChandLogo

When I asked Emlyn Chand if I could interview her via Google Chat, I thought she wouldn’t have the time or inclination to speak with me.  I was delighted when she agreed – and I conducted my very first GChat interview!  The result was a great conversation about how much she loves Google + and how she’s using it to great effect in her publishing business.  She also discusses her new book, Farsighted, and her thoughts for authors using G+.

Confession and Sacrifice

This one is probably the poorest writing of the three pieces, and it’s also the one for which I have the most pride. While non-fiction and factual pieces are challenging for me to create, fiction is very difficult for me.  Creating this piece and feeling it was “done” enough for submission to an online literary magazine was a HUGE accomplishment in itself, and I was thrilled when they actually wanted to publish it!  Hopefully, this is the beginning of me taking more chances with my fiction and continuing to submit online.


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