Book Review: Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter (ASI, #1)

Author: S. J. Clarke

Genre:  Paranormal Romantic Fiction

Available on

Available for Kindle

Rebecca McKenney has spent the last three years grieving the loss of her daughter, Bree, who vanished without a trace.  Now she is shocked by a vision of her daughter looking older and still very much alive.  She turns to the FBI agent who was assigned to her case three years earlier and hopes that his connection to Bree will be enough pull him back into the search.  Dan Cooper, haunted by a mistake he made during the original investigation agrees to help Rebecca and they are swept into a strange and unpredictable battle where no one is quite who they appear and there is a very real risk that if they don’t find Bree quickly enough more than one of them will not survive.

Full of engaging characters and an unpredictable plot, Mind Over Matter is an enjoyable read that drew me in from the very first page.  I found myself connecting to the main characters, particularly because they are depicted with a realistic blend of endearing qualities and negative personality traits.  Rebecca’s determination and tenacity is tempered with the demons she battles on a daily basis.  Dan’s passion and consistency are balanced by his tendency to let his emotions define his decisions.

Later in the story, the interrelationships between residents of Rebecca’s town and the geography of the area become paramount.  I think this would be enhanced by more exposition earlier in the story to clearly situate Rebecca and Dan among the lesser characters and also the town as a whole.  Additionally, once the reader starts to learn more about the nature of the kidnappers, I found myself wishing more time was devoted to the bigger picture leading up to Bree’s kidnapping.  Perhaps this will be covered in future books in this series, but I think more details in this book would greatly enhance this story.

Even though the characters make some debatable intuitive leaps and there are some gaps in character development, the main criterion for me when reading a book is how engaged I am in the story and how eager I am to keep reading.  In this, Mind Over matter is definitely a win and I am excited to read more by this author.

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