Book Review: Arrival of the Traveler

Arrival of the Traveler (Waldgrave) Author: A.L. Tyler

Genre: YA Fantasy

From the Author’s Website: I am a gamer, a dreamer, and a productive procrastinator. I do my own stunts and cover art. Writing is my escape.

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The Arrival of the Traveler follows the story of Lena Collins as she is pulled from the life she has known with her father to an unfamiliar world where the rules are known to everyone by her, and she doesn’t know who to trust.   Lena learns that she is a member of the Daray family, essentially the royal line of the Silenti people on Earth.  She finds herself caught in a struggle between different factions of the Silenti; one side believing she could be their savior and the other that her family will bring about the apocalypse.  Constantly questioning who is on her side and who she can really trust, Lena is consumed with trying to decide what she should do to survive. From the very beginning, I was captivated by this story.  I enjoy stories with a powerful female protagonist and Lenadidn’t let me down.  Strong, yet fragile, and above all determined, she is a great model for overcoming obstacles and remaining strong in the face of disaster. Tyler does an excellent job developing her characters and allowing the reader to really sink in and feel connected to the complex relationships throughout the story.  In particular, I was impressed by her portrayal of the characters you love to hate, as the further you read, the more you question your initial assumptions.  This, for me, is a sign of great writing. When the families of the Silenti elite gathered together at Waldgrave and so many new characters entered the story all at once, I felt I needed an index to keep track of them all.  I think the important plot development in this section would have greater impact if I could more easily remember where these characters fell both in the hierarchy of the Silenti people and with regard to their Silenti beliefs.  Though I was confused by the plethora of characters at this point, this didn’t detract from the overall quality of the book. With Arrival of the Traveler, A. L. Tyler weaves a fascinating tale of intrigue, betrayal and family, captivating the reader with complex characters and many layers of intricate detail.  Her talent at storytelling with keep you guessing and have you desperate for more.


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