Baby Steps

Well, I didn’t get as much planting done this weekend as I was hoping to – only got the peas and snap peas in – but at least my garden got a little rain and we got a really nice walk in. We went to Ricker Pond State Park to walk on the Montpelier-Wells Rail Trail (part of the Cross Vermont Trail) and I ran out of daylight to garden in, but it was worth it. Beautiful walk next to Ricker Pond and through one of the state campgrounds.

We had surprisingly cold weather for a few days this week. Like wear sweatpants-hoodies-wool socks and hide under blankets cold weather. In June. Have I mentioned the wacky weather in Vermont? Like the old saying, if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute. Well, I decided not to cover my onion sets or my carrots and beets, though I’m not sure it was the right decision. I have extra of everything (except the sets) so worst case I can replant in a week or two. I’m still hoping to get the potatoes, pumpkins and butternut squash in the ground really soon so they have plenty of time to grow. I can wait a little on the cukes and beans as well as the zucchini and summer squash as their growing seasons are much shorter.

I have all the seeds and sets that I need, for this season, and the last thing I need to buy are tomato plants.  After our walk, we stopped at a greenhouse and I was very underwhelmed by their offerings. I was looking for happy healthy plants, and these were all sad and leggy. My books tell me to look for short, thick stems and dark green stems and leaves. These plants were all light green with thin, tall stems and we definitely left without purchasing anything. I’ll try another greenhouse after work tomorrow (at my new job!!) and see if I can find better looking tomato plants.


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