Communing with Nature

a.k.a. Adventures in Weeding

Thanks to weeks of warm and rainy weather, a vast selection of weeds have taken up residence in my garden plot.  I set out on Saturday (in the first sunshine I’d really seen in days) to tackle as many weeds as possible.  Two hours and maybe one quarter of the garden later, I had a weeding epiphany – I’ve decided to call it Weeding Wisdom #1: You’ll never get them all (so aim for most).  My knees and fingers sore from trying to pull every weed in sight, I realized that by pulling most of the weeds and leaving the tiny ones and clover-like vegetation in place, I could greatly reduce the amount of time spent weeding.  Two more hours on Sunday and my garden is mostly weed-free, save the tiny weeds and a few very stubborn comfrey plants.

The comfrey explosion at our house was exacerbated a few years back when our landlord tried to rid the infestation with a rototiller.  Unfortunately, as even a small piece of a comfrey root is enough to grow a new comfrey plant, all he did was turn the comfrey problem into an epidemic.  My new plan is to dig up as many plants as I can (at least the ones in the most annoying places) and dump them at the edge of the lawn just under cover of the trees.  I’ll see if the lack of full sunshine has any impact on the plants ability to grow.  Worse case, I’ll have a new comfrey grove…

Another problem I faced this weekend was what to do with all the weeds I had pulled from the garden.  I spent much of the winter reading books and articles on home vegetable gardens and turned to some of my gardening gurus for suggestions.   Instead of taking the weeds and removing them completely from the garden, I pull them from the garden and just lay them right in the walkway that follows the perimeter.  As long as the weeds haven’t gone to seed, don’t have bugs or growths and as long as they aren’t comfrey (see above), laying them in the walkway can actually help the garden as they dry and form a sort of mulch to prevent future weed growth.  We’ll see how that works out!


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