Feels like Spring

Here in the mountains of Vermont, you never know when spring will…well…spring.  Now that we’re midway through May, I feel reasonably confident that if I get some greens into my cold frame under a cover, they should grow reasonably well.  Of course that means I need to have a cover first…

They are predicting LOTS of rain this weekend so I had to scoot into the garden early today before the rain started to fall.  We staked off the rows with paint stirrers (free from the hardware store!) and crochet thread (because we had some handy).  Now I can walk with comfort between the rows without worrying that I’m compressing the soil where my veggies will grow.

I also had the strangest sense of satisfaction from digging a trench near the garden for runoff.  The water was running in the vicinity of the trench, but ran into mud and weed obstacles and started to spread into the driveway.  A few hours and a garden hoe and the water is heading down the trench the way I want it to.  I have no idea why this is so satisfying, but it is!

One week down for my comfrey tincture – it looks strange and medium brown, but based on google images, that is apparently the right color.  Everyone I talk to who has heard of comfrey tincture seems to swear by it.  I’m excited to give it a try!  Hopefully it will be wonderful – I have so much comfrey growing in and around my garden I could start a business making and selling comfrey tincture in no time flat.


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